Alpha Introduction:
Alpha12, Alpha18, Alpha25, Alpha37 full color led panel are made with SMD LED. The cabinet is made from aluminum alloy, which makes it very reliable, solid, and easy to install. The display can be freely assembled by some panels, and controlled by pc to play video.
Light weight --- great convenience to event show in transportation and installation.
Solid and pleasing structure --- pleasing and solid panel lay ideal foundation for flat and firm led display.
Easy installation and dismantling --- do not need others tools to assemble and disassemble the panels.
No accessories --- no nut or screw is needed, less trouble during installation.
High transparency --- Unique design of Alpha serires LED panel provides at least 13% transparency, for more space of background.
Humanitarian operation interface --- graphic operation interface enables easy modification for engineers.
Protection Degree: IP54 --- still available when it rains temporary outside