Beta Introduction:
Beta4, Beta6, Beta10 LED panel are made with SMD LED. Brightness of eatch color proportion is R:G:B=3:6:1 in order to achieve the best white balance effect. The housing of Beta series is casting aluminum along with advantages of reliability, stability and easy setting-up. The panel can be set up into different shapes and show graphics on Beta series through computer control.


Quality SMD LED --- Ensure vivid and sharp graphics and video, meet high demanding indoor and outdoor requirements.
Light in weight --- Only around 6.4KG, bring great convenience to event show in transportation and installation.
Easy installation and dismantling --- do not need others tools to assemble and disassemble the panels.
Noiseless --- Silent design due to passive cooling, no fans.
Smart interlocking system --- Ensure truly seamless LED display.
No accessories --- no nut or screw is needed, less trouble during installation.
Super-thinness --- Allow be installed in particularly narrow space. 
Beta Parameters
  Beta 4 Beta 6 Beta 10
Pixel Pitch 4.17mm 6mm 10mm
Pixel Density 57600 dots/m2 25588 dots/m2 10000 dots/m2
Size 400*400*64mm 400*400*64mm 400*400*60mm
Weight 6.4kg 6.3kg 6.4kg
Brightness 1200cd/m2 2800cd/m2 4625cd/m2
Resolution 96×96 64×64 40×40
Viewing Angle Horizontal: 140°
Vertical: 140°
Horizontal: 140°
Vertical: 140°
Horizontal: 140°
Vertical: 140°
Viewing Distance 10-100m 10-100m 10-100m
Gray Scale 12bit 12bit 12bit
Refresh Rate 1000Hz 1000Hz 1000Hz
Color Temperature 6500-9500K 6500-9500K 6500-9500K
working Voltage AC90~264V
IP Protection IP40 IP40 IP65
Certification CE & RoHS CE & RoHS CE & RoHS
Connector Neutrik Neutrik WEIPU
Manual \ \ \

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